How to use Hawai‘i Alive

While we welcome the general public to browse through the hundreds of resources presented here, the Hawai‘i Alive site was specifically created to allow teachers to gather resources for classroom instruction in accordance with the Hawai‘i Department of Education Content and Performance Standards.

We have an associated site that examines Professional Development with respect to our assets. This site focuses on Hawaiian Teaching Strategies, Primary Sources, and Place-Based Learning.

The manuscripts, images, movies, audio files and other resources on Hawai‘i Alive can be downloaded to your own computer's harddrive. For example, Internet Explorer users can use their mouse's right click button to "save Target as". In Firefox, a right click will allow users to "save target as". A right click in Safari will allow a "Download Linked File". Macintosh users without two-button mouses can hold hold down the control keyboard button while clicking with the mouse to access these functions.

Please keep in mind that reproduction of the resources found here for commercial purposes is prohibited, but educational and personal use is permitted.

The Content and Performance Standards are cross-referenced with Topics and Resources to facilitate the discovery of useful resources to support lesson plans.

For example, a 4th grade teacher could begin a search at the appropriate grade level standards page...

Choose one of the five Topics that address section 4.3.1 (Explain how language, traditional lore, music, dance, artifacts, traditional practices, beliefs, values, and behaviors are elements of culture and contribute to the preservation of culture)... And find a list of Key Resources to enrich the given lesson plan.